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Looking to Better Monetize Payments?

With our middleware orchestration, best-in-class buy rates, and ability to tier pricing, you can better monetize your payments business.

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Looking for a PCI/PII Vault Solution to Prevent Lock-In?

By doing your own vaulting, you can store CC and PCI/PII data directly, which gives you flexibility if you change processors or change billing terms.

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Looking for a Tap-to-Pay Mobile Solution?

Tap-to-Pay using only phones and no special hardware creates an improved consumer payments experience. Stay ahead of the competition by offering this first.

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Looking to Move Off Stripe or Another Processor?

We have gateway only modes and API emulation to allow you to migrate easily, efficiently, and on your schedule. We can help.

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Looking for Onboarding or Operational Support?

We have universal onboarding tools with operator assist for gold standard / white glove merchant onboarding. Our experts can save headaches for your support teams.

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Looking for Help Building PayOuts or Reporting Integrations?

With our flexible platform, we can solve for complex or split payouts, wallet features, and integrations for consolidated reporting. Leverage our stack to simplify your roadmap.

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Provide the best, most intuitive support across all channels. Proactively understand customer needs to serve excellence the first time.

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Product and Platform

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Pay to Phone


With Tap-to-Pay, you no longer need any special hardware – receive the payment directly on your phone!


Branded Payment Devices

Build a true omni-commerce experience with our bespoke hardware devices and we will handle all required certifications


Processor Optionality and Tokenization

Leverage our logic and control which processors are used for each merchant or transaction type. Tokenize yourself with our vaults to avoid lock-in


Consolidated Reporting

Our middleware maintains it’s own ledger and consolidates your processors and payment types, meaning you always have up-to-date direct reporting


Tools for No Code, Low Code, and Full API Integrations

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Your Portal

Drop in Widgets

Low code

Full API


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Customer Stories



“After a thorough review process, including in-depth dialogue with more than a dozen potential partners, we concluded that PayEngine sets itself apart from the pack and is well-prepared to grab market share.”



“By offering a single tech and service platform and access to a growing list of payments partners, PayEngine's modern and innovative approach will best meet the needs of many SaaS partners.”

BD Leader


“The PayEngine team was far more informed compared to competitors in understanding the goals and different stages that vertical SaaS companies undergo when it comes to implementing embedded payments. In comparison to other merchant vault solutions, the PayEngine demo gave us confidence that every detail was considered”

SaaS Founder


“PayEngine "gets" vertical SaaS platforms better than others in the space we have worked with”

More About PayEngine

Payments and fintech is a key pillar of vertical saas – use our tools to get it right

Payments may seem easy at first, but as you build it out, you’ll struggle with getting the right partners, complexities in operational hurdles, and control issues around the data you need and want

Dedicated Technical Middleware You Control
Operational Support To Get It Done
Better Experiences for the Consumers and Merchants You Serve
More About Us

The PayEngine team is made up of payments experts, vertical SaaS founders, technical wizards, and passionate operations professionals who want to see your business win!

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