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Maximize Payment Revenue

Set your merchants’ rates over interchange, control your margins, and retain the majority of your profits

Eliminate Liability and Reduce Complexity

Stop being the middleman!
Eliminate MOR liability, dispute management, PCI/data security, compliance & more

Own and Improve Your Customer Experience

Simple, flexible integration options with APIs, Drop-in Widgets and Customizable UI

Multiple payments methods all on one platform

Our proprietary gateway solution eliminates the cost and headache of moving payments in-house, allowing you to add payments to your platform without giving up any margin.

Payments Methods

Let your customers accept Credit, Debit, ACH payments from within your platform.


Offer card-present and e-commerce based payment services to your customers based on customized needs.

Smarter system keeps you in full control

Don't get locked with just one payment processor. Choose the best option for your customers.

Control Your Customer Rates

Define bundled, flat, interchange plus rates to stay competitive for your customers.

Own Your Merchant Portability Rights

Don't just settle for revenue share.
With us you get portability rights over your customers payment accounts.

Developer integration solutions

Simple, flexible integration options with APIs, Drop-in Widgets and Customizable UI

Web-component widgets

API / Webhooks

Check out the API Documentation

Calculate your potential revenue!

You are currently making $ per month. By partnering with PayEngine, you can earn an additional $ per month.

Your revenue per customer can increase by nearly % per month!

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